The Phobic Aftermath Of Somaliland Ministers Leaving Office- By: Aden Deeq


Somaliland politicians got a phobic chronic disease that puts them into a severe panic anger after being renamed. This political epidemic phobia seems to be incurable since the proclamation of Somaliland Republic which gets transmitted after being appointed to a ministerial office that only the symptoms start to appear after leaving the ministry position. The symptoms first stages is an extreme anger followed by a press conference in which the minister rapidly start divulging accusations of corruption accusing the president, while when been in office the president was the idol admiration of the minister himself who use to describe him being a prophet.

And it is amazing how people always tend to follow in every direction the wind blows by staying with the course of the wind no matter where it took them. After so many research i came to the break through of this anomaly in which I spent so many years to study the source of this epidemic phobia which paralysed Somaliland politics. I have learned that the source of this passive madness was due to the unaccountability of the budgets all ministers wrongfully misplacing it by personally using it for their own benefits lavishly spending it. After being used to such wealth pouring from all corners and all wishes become true by the single step of having access to the national central bank of somaliland which turns to be their own safe. No auditing, no whistle blowers to fear nor the people they lead who by example are always satisfied by their actions because they got a whole clan backing them that they never support in return but enslaved by the family clan name they share, not knowing that this is the tax the pay having nothing returned to their basic social needs. And that is how this vicious virus got propagated from minister to all other ministries.

This is the situation in which We have being living for the past two decades and the luckiest and clever party that has the best opportunities is Kulmiye the actual ruling government. They got the chances to attract so many big companies that are happily pillaging the riches of this nation by only highly bribing government officials who gave them free access to land, air and sea while 99% of its population is unemployed. We’ve got every thing that is demanded from a democratic country and yet praising our isolated self proclaimed state with so much pride but the true reality which lies is emptiness.



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