It Is Impossible To Keep This Nation under a Direct Tunnel with No Access to the Poem of Light-by: MP Mohamed Farah Qabile


In my political observation of Monday extension of silanyos government it was a below against national integrity of Somaliland, it was inhospitable, incredible, illegitimate against the low and constitution of Somaliland that could preload to a drastic political situation which could hurt our prestige and our relation with the international community. It is impossible to keep this nation under a direct tunnel with no access to the poem of light, it is in disposable to make use any opportunity to go forward that deal to our progress, am sorry that prominent officials of government Somaliland counter propagate an awful treatment with the donor countries that raise assistance in democracy and furious developmental projects  which could humble cooperation with the other parties of the world  while we are still seeking recognition, from both regional and overseas countries.

QabileAccordingly I would like to apologies any volition or misbehavior that could impose isolation and closed doors from the rest of the world. In my opinion no one is able to handle a national card to his own interest and wishes, with all my respect any seen or  institution is based and run on low, in which all duties and responsibilities are illustrated and well explained in a broad and clear way, which distinguish or separates from one institution to another.

It is the first time in the history of Somaliland that electros national committee gets considers with the duties of the house of elders in a same time, electro committee are the sole body, that allocates the time line elections and everything that realties with the elections affairs, they have the capabilities to propose the most appropriate time to finish the work and submit the planed time to the president, and then to the house of elders to legitimize the limited period after this declaration house of elders has no right to make an necessary extension which they cannot define or rationalize to such vacancy as occurred on yesterday morning.

In addition to this all national stick holders including the three political parties, electro committee together with the international community and the president, agreed on the time line, consequently this agreement transmitted all donor countries, therefore I get ashamed why the government of Somaliland is still insisting to neglect and disobey to the concluded understanding, am sure this kind of reaction could bring political damage to Somaliland community.

Finally am sorry midnight rides to Wadani party supporters and illegal impressments that took place in all regions and districts of Somaliland while they have got the right to demonstrate and express their views in various ways as stated in the constitution of Somaliland, giving warning to the government to respect the individual rights which we could hardly show patience if it happens again.

I would like to declare my support to the two opposition parties that it is none of our intention to welcome any extension beyond the time line of the electro committee.

 MP Mohamed Farah Qabile

House of Representatives

Hargeisa, Somaliland


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