KULMIYE Party Insulted The People Of Somaliland Generally!


By: Aden Deeq

On 01 August 2017 a press conference held at Kulmiye headquarter by Xasan Maxamed Cali (Gaafaadhi) The Porte Parole of the party admitted that Abiib Diriye ex-member of Kulmiye party that joined Wadani party has enriched himself through abuse of power while working for the ruling Kulmiye party and that all his assets has been gained through corruptions and that while serving under the second President of Somaliland the late Mohamed Hagi Ibrahim Egual he sold illegally the National Land property of Wajaleh (Banka Wajaale) which led to the removal of his Ministry position and hasn’t been hold accountable nor being charged of fraudulence due to tradional elders negotiations and that Kulmiye ruling party paid all the debts own to all the person’s who had legitimate claims of ownership of Wajaleh Land (Banka Wajaale). With in the televise interview that he gave Kulmiye party Porte Parole added that there were an agreement arrangement between Abiib Diriyeh and Ismael Aden Osman to not disclose anything concerning the Government and the party, but now that they broke and didn’t respected the agreement they (Kulmiye Party) had to reveal all the historical corruptions & wrongdoings while working under all different Presidents of Somaliland including the current actual Kulmiye ruling party. Those claims are proves to the speech of Ismael Yare held at Allaybadeh town in which he quoted, that the Government offered him money to not join Wadani Party but he rejected it because it’s the tax payers money and didn’t wanted dirty money but a free transparent party who represents Somaliland people’s needs in which changes could be reflected and that party is Wadani.

This is the party that promises Change and the eradication of corruption that admits at the same time that they are corrupted!!! It’s all due to the large bribery that Kulmiye party vastly invested into the youth of Somaliland that gave them the courage and foolishness of such so-called politicians to be our leader’s. There has been ZERO aftermath after that televise press conference held by the Party, but only few concerned citizens shook their heads saying ” our country is dead and it’s people” but the majority populous opinions doesn’t show any concerns of patriotism love for the future of Somaliland.

I have been highly offended as a citizen because of that Press conference of Kulmiye party because it’s and insult to our Nation that made me write this article because my people were much better than this that I can’t cope such resilience. My views and concerns always offends Kulmiye Party, because I RATHER LIVE ONE DAY LIKE A LION THAN LIVING A HUNDRED YEARS LIKE A MOUTON!

By: Aden Deeq


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