Le monde vit a l’image de l’Amerique- By: Aden Deik


It is not a local thing but a global matter that people tend to live by getting the reflection of an American and it’s cultural life style in which so many cultures are lost due to the vast influence of American cultural life living style. If you look at every City in every country you will remark that people share one culture nowadays and that is ‘American life style.

Aaden-deeqThe world love to dress as Americans, listen to American music unless the language is different but the beats are American beats.

Even Bollywood is loosing its trade mark due to the vast influence that got rapidly propagated the past fifteen years since the rest of the world got access to satellite TVs,cable, dishes etc…

In Africa when you watch African movies you will never be able to catch what is really going because you will get lost to see an African actor who is really not African according to his acting due to the cultural difference reflections that don’t match at all.

In today’s world I’ve remarked that America indirectly robbed so many cultures from the world. What I really mean by that is, instead for a whole generation to preserve and promote their own cultural heritages, generations are lost copying and-forging another American western cultural life style.

For instance African men and women got their own ways of flirting when it comes to approach datings and romance. But when you look at their movies and songs video clips it doesn’t represent them “Africans”, and am always annoyed by that because I believe it is better to promote what you own which is your-own that has to reflect you and your cultural image way of living. The ones that I really blame are the producers, film makers and lyric writers whose work was to represent the continent not California. It is a huge waste of time when you see an African movie that says nothing about you apart showing that you are an African due to the colour of your skin. The only remaining things that are ours African’s this days is our soil,artisanal crafts, paintings, traditional dresses, local foods and so many little other things I may be forgetting but it is really sad to see that the whole worldwide new generations are mostly lost living A l’image de l’Amerique and that Africa is mostly touched by that.

Let me take you to another angle for instance cap to United Arab Emirates. In U.A.E the country Religion is Islam hundred percent but their Tv programs and entertainments aren’t. They got camel races that I was watching in tv and what I really saw in that was greyhounds dog race and that is not all because they went beyond Pimp my ride by having pure gold cars which wasn’t an Arab dream but an American life style dream copied and pasted in U.A.E.

Funny ain’t it when every country Tv shows programs became one with thin slight differences all taking the American-highway loosing all diversities making the world bored. La vie des American became the life of every living soul in the world mode of life as well as the thinking ways could be reflected throughout almost Tous le monde.



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