Somaliland Threw Itself Into A Conflict That Wasn’t Theirs!


aaden deeq

By: Aden Deeq

The way our government ” Somaliland”  took side along Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE & Egypt wasn’t politicaly wise. It would’ve been better to be neutral and mediate between the Islamic Brother States would have been much better and we could’ve earned GCC respect as a Islamic State strengthening our diplomatic foreign affairs with in Arab States.

Now we are in the middle of the road and we can get knocked down by the traffic from both sides Because as an unrecognised Country and am sure that this conflict won’t go far and it will come to a resolution in which Arab countries and the international communities will interfere to settle the political differences between the brotherhood states as its in the best interest of the westerns alliances to not let this crises escalate into a higher level so that Russia doesn’t take advantage and profit of the occasion as the United States is already suspecting it and in a high alert that it doesn’t happen.

Taking sides with Saudi Arabia and it’s alliances created a daily debate with in Somaliland populations and those who supports the government initiatives mostly said that it’s wrong the way Qatar has been threatened  but taking side with Saudi Arabia is A great apportunity for Somaliland when it comes to recognition and fruital as the way This crisis is escalating.

One of the things that is pressing Somaliland government and it’s populations is that it will enhance their diplomatic standards with the UAE which has invested in Berbera port and airport. But what they have being missing is that when the UAE investments has been initiated, Somaliland government hasn’t diplomatically negotiated as it was supposed to be, for instance our government hasn’t requested that Somaliland passport should be allowed for Somaliland people to travel to UAE and granted travel visa accessibility for tourism & commerce. And from there you can easily notice that negotiations with in the two parties were one way negotiations which was UAE. Somaliland wasn’t properly represented by its officials who were blindly overwhelmed and carried away that UAE was whiling to invest in Berbera port and airport due to the longtime expectations from the international communities to recognise Somaliland and the high expectations they specially had of the Arab Unions itself in which they’ve lost all hopes that those investments revived their old hopes & trust. It’snt a secret that Somaliland is an untapped country  fully rich of natural resources just waiting to be exploited and that the country successfuly fulfilled all the requirements that was governmentaly needed but which wasn’t their faults but an international negligence specially from the Arab Muslim Nations particularly. And yet due to our strategical location and the dispute of Dp World with Djibouti and the unrest, unsettling South Somalia government piracy and terrorism no matter how hard the European Union, United States and the Gulf States efforts had in vain not been successful to stabilise as they wanted to. Even after UAE vast investments in Somaliland the United Arab Emirates still diplomatically doesn’t recognise the sovereignty of Somaliland but do believe in greater unified Somalia . Somaliland Foreign affairs ministry tried so hard to cover the reality that laid in front of them telling it’s people many lies that has been contradicted by themelves after the UAE investments bill passed through our parliament. Now if Saudi Arabia and it’s alliances open new doors to Somaliland and meets it’s expectations, it will be a great success, but if it doesn’t it will only reinforce the doubts of the people.


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